1. Tiny-Mite

        · Age 5-6-7

2. Mitey-Mite

        · Age 7-8-9

3. Jr. PeeWee

        · Age 8-9-10-11

4. PeeWee

        · Age 9-10-11-12

5. Junior Varsity

        · Age 10-11-12-13

6. Varsity

        · Ages 12-13-14-15-16

 *A child’s age on July 31 is his / her age for the season 

Registration Information

Registration Information can be found HERE.    All participants will start on a waitlist until they are verified as a returner and then they will be activated. 

 Required Paperwork MUST  be emailed to  our Compliance team, BEFORE your child can begin practicing. 

 ● Original Certified Birth Certificate* (Not needed for prior year returners)

           *We will copy the birth certificate and return the original to you.

Current Year Player/Participant Contract

Current Year Medical/Physical Form

Current School Year Report Card (All 4 Qtrs)

Current Year Code of conduct

Volunteer check - in the amount of $300 dollars,  this will be held and  returned when your 10 hours is fulfilled or 15 per family.  If your hours are not fulfilled,  the check will be cashed


Practices begin August 1st

Practices are located at our home field, at the rear of Buffalo Creek Park.   Our football field is to the right of Buffalo Creek Middle school,  behind the baseball fields. 

Practices during the month of August are Monday through Friday 6pm-8pm.  After Labor Day, practices are reduced to three days a week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Mandatory Conditioning

August 1st will be the start of our mandatory conditioning (minimum of 20 hours). Please try to schedule family vacations around this time period, as any conditioning hours missed will need to be made up prior to entering the regular cheer practice schedule.    Please remember to keep your child hydrated.   (Click here for more information in Hydration


NMS is a sideline cheerleading program and therefore all cheerleading squads will cheer on their respective football team during all regular and post season games. The regular season runs from August 1 through late October, with games being held typically on Saturdays beginning at the end of August. Games will be played either at our home field (Buffalo Creek Park) or at our opponent's field. The game schedule will be available in late July, prior to the start of the regular season

In Addition, all competitive cheerleading squads will compete at  Cheer Jam, and if qualified the Regional Pop Warner Cheer & Dance Competition at the end of the regular season.  It is anticipated that these events will be held at the end of October and November.  If a cheerleading squad advances past the Southeast Region Pop Warner Cheer & Dance Competition, there will have the opportunity to compete at the National Pop Warner Cheer & Dance Competition held at Universal Studios typically during the first week of December.

Rules and Expectations

All NMS rules and expectations will be available prior to the start of the season. NMS will hold a mandatory player/parent meeting prior to the start of the season to discuss these rules and expectations. In addition, each team will hold its own mandatory player/parent meeting prior to the start of the season so that the coaches may introduce themselves and may go over their own rules and expectations for the season.

Contact Info

If you have any questions about the NMS cheer program, please email  

Casey Hall @ cheer@northmanateestorm.us