Q – When does registration begin? When does it end?

A – Registration usually begins at the beginning of February. Registration will close depending on participant counts. We do not typically accept registration for cheer past August 15th.

Q – What ages can cheer with the Storm?

A – Our cheer program can accept cheerleaders ages 5 through 13.

Q - How / Where do I register?

A – Registrations through the Sports Connect site.

Find out more registration information HERE

Q – How is it determined which team my cheerleader will participate?

A – Cheer teams are based on the cheerleader’s age on July 31st, skill level, and experience. The team will be determined based on the Pop Warner National Age matrix along with, a skill assessment, and the availability on a team. The full Pop Warner Age matrix can be accessed here:

Q – When does the Fall Season Start?

A- August 1st

Q - Where are you located?

A – We are located at the rear of Buffalo Creek Park. Our football field is to the right of Buffalo Creek Middle school, behind the baseball fields.

Q – How much is registration?

A – Registration is $300. We offer a sibling discount of $25 for each child after the first registrant.

Q – What do I get with my registration?

A – What is received will depend on which team. During most seasons, you receive a practice uniform, two bows, a backpack, shoes, and socks. You will also have use of a sideline cheer uniform as well as a competition top, all to be returned at the end of the season.

Q – Do returners get priority registration?

A – Yes, returners who register b during returner registration week are granted priority registration. That means if there is availability on a team that they will be placed on a roster before a new registrant.

Q - When are practices?

A – Practices during the month of August are Monday through Friday 6-8pm. After Labor Day, practices are reduced to three days a week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Q – Do you ever practice other than Monday through Friday?

A – Yes, sometimes due to rainouts during the month of August, we may practice on a Saturday or Sunday.

Q – When/Where are the games played?

A – The games are played on Saturdays in the Tampa Bay area. We play teams in Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and DeSoto Counties. The fields are typically no more than 75 minutes away from our home field. The first game (Tiny Mites) begins at 9:00am and the games are played every two hours throughout the day.

Q – How many games are there and how long does the season typically last?

A – Regular Season: There are 8 or 9 regular season games which usually run through the end of October. We usually have four or five home games and the rest are away.

Post Season: After the regular season games are over, there are Conference playoffs for the teams with the best record in their division. If a team wins the Conference Championship, they then go on to play in the Regional playoffs, and if they continue to win, at the end is the Regional Championship game.

Cheer Competitions: The local Cheer Competition is in late October or the beginning of November and is usually in Palmetto or Tampa. For the competitive teams (MM & above), If you place 1st or 2nd you will then move on to the Regional competition which is Thanksgiving weekend in Orlando. If you place 1stor 2nd at Regionals, then the next and final competition is at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Q – What paperwork is required?

A – ● Original Certified Birth Certificate* (Not needed for prior year returners)

*We will copy the birth certificate and return the original to you.

Current Year Player/Participant Contract

Current Year Medical/Physical Form

Current School Year Report Card (All 4 Qtrs)

Current Year Code of conduct

Volunteer check - in the amount of $150 dollars, this will be held and returned when your 10 hours is fulfilled. If your hours are not fulfilled, the check will be cashed

Equipment check - in the amount of $100 dollars, this will be held and returned when your equipment is returned. If the equipment is not returned, your check will be cashed.

Q – How can I find out about important upcoming dates and events?

A – We post all our upcoming events including paperwork turn-ins, uniform fittings, equipment handout, coach meet & greets, etc. on our Facebook page.

We also have a calendar on our website where we will add important dates:

Q – Do your cheer coaches receive any formal training?

A – Yes, all of our cheer coaches receive the Southeast Pop Warner Cheer training as well as online YCADA (Youth Cheer & Dance Alliance) training.

Q – Are your volunteers background screened?

A – Yes, all of our coaches, board members, and team parents must pass a FDLE as well as a Multistate Criminal and Sex Offender background screen before they are allowed to fill their volunteer role.